Sun-Pinned Leaves release 5th album
August 6 2022


Altered States augments an Americana Folk and Country heart with additional musical genres. It opens with the 1620 crossing of the Atlantic by the ‘Pilgrim Fathers’ to the New World before fast forwarding to tales of the twentieth century and events which shaped parts or all of the US and even the world in ways that still resonate today.

The first two singles from Altered States ‘Long Live’ and Brilliant ‘Jewel’ were featured on the BBC Radio Kent Upload Shows of 26th April and 22nd June 2022 respectively. The follow-up single ‘Brilliant Jewel’ was awarded ‘Best Collaboration’ by the World Songwriting Awards Contest Spring 2022

The third single ‘Summer of Love’ was described by award winning Music Blog A&R Factory (10th
July 2022) as “Sun-Pinned Leaves are rather magnificent with a gloriously sung and performed
effort from a team who fuse like two friends who gel like glue when together”. 'Summer of Love was also Banks Radio Australia's number one single for the week ending 25th July 2022.

About Sun-Pinned Leaves


Sun-Pinned Leaves are Christopher Brown from Kent (England) on vocals & Neil Faulkner from Suffolk (England) – playing all instruments. 


Chris and Neil first wrote songs together at school in 1975. They continued writing and performing together and separately (including 1976 punk band ‘Nuffin’ (Detour Records ‘Bored Teenagers’ Volume 9 and their self-released album Crowd Control) before pursuing separate projects in the mid-1980s. Having recently reunited Neil and Chris were keen to record their favourite self-penned 80s material plus new songs resulting in Sun-Pinned Leaves' first album ‘Theories of Destiny’ which was voted 8th best album of 2019 by Derrick Moore, Editor EATEN ALIVE zine Feb 2019  fb:  @eatenalivezine. The album was debuted live at the Lighthouse, Deal in August, 2019.


Second album ‘Trans-Genre Express’ was released on 3rd April 2020 and third album ‘Eclipse’ on 1st October 2020 with both receiving airplay on UK, US, Canadian, South African, Australian, Spanish and French radio. The Americana flavoured tribute to John Denver ‘Monterey Bay’ was a weekly number 1 with Banks Radio Australia, ‘Hope Train’ was a weekly number 6 with Independent Radio Network and ‘I Used to Know her Mother’ was a weekly number 16 with Zootapradio, Texas. ‘Eclipse’ was awarded 6th best album of 2020 by EATEN ALIVE @eatenalivezine). In December 2020 ‘Love Is’ was voted the Christmas Number 1 by listeners of Sittingbourne’s ‘Live & Listed,  106.9 sfm presented by Ian Henderson. Sun-Pinned Leaves were featured on the BBC Radio Kent Upload show on 20/4/21.

Sun-Pinned Leaves 4th album the Americana ‘Rock ‘N’ Road’ released July 2021 was their
most popular to date making No 5 in the Top 30 albums for 2021 as selected by EATEN
ALIVE zine March 2022) and saw the band pass the landmark of appearing on over 200
different radio shows. The album and singles received stellar reviews on a number of online
blogs and websites including UK Country


Most recent gigs include Dublin Castle, London, Rock 4 Remembrance Festival Ashford,
Kent and New Music Nights, Reigate Surrey).

UK Country Radio
Album of the Week (16 08 2022)

UK has selected Sun-Pinned Leaves' 5th album "Altered States" as its album of the week so listeners can experience tracks all week starting with Allan Watkiss on air from 10am.


Welcome to the official Sun-Pinned Leaves site. Founder members Christopher Brown and Neil Faulkner produced their debut album in 2019 and as of Summer 2022 these prolific songwriters are preparing to release their fifth album in four years Altered States which includes the award winning single ‘Brilliant Jewel’.

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The Independent Music

by Sun-Pinned Leaves
September 2022

Sun-Pinned Leaves has blessed country fans with their latest 2022 album release “Altered States” which is their fifth album. After the opening of happy, country tunes and hum-along vocals played on “Voyage of the Mayflower”, the second track “Bodie” sounds like a mellowed-down beauty with the perfect blend of Americana and fast-paced folk creation.

When the UK artist Christopher Brown collaborated with his incredibly talented pal, the multi-instrumentalist Neil Faulkner to create this, they channeled their imaginative love for a leftabout town called Bodie into it. The track is timed as the second shortest in the entire album. However, don’t let it fool you because it is a mashup of Christopher’s amazing vocal devotion embedded with many layered harmonies in its backing vocals and a brilliant country-esque solo by Faulkner in between. The song is calming to the ears, perfect for unwinding with a cold beer after a long day, watching the sunset from your porch.

There’s a storytelling borrowed from an American country club in its lyrics, and a whiff of Texan energy within its guitar riffs. The overall musical tone gives off an incredible synergy between Christopher’s vivid lyrics and Neil’s consistent and outstanding play. It kind of takes you back to 1970s, when this mighty duo met and discovered their passion for writing and creating music. If you’re on a search for new songs to add to your Sunday morning chill or road trip playlist, Bodie by Sun-Pinned Leaves is a guaranteed and exceptional upbeat choice.


Word on the Street

“It (‘Theories of Destiny’) presses all the right buttons for this seasoned lover of music. Mellow vibes to straight out rock”.   Mike Reynolds (Presenter Winchcombe Calling) 2019.

Mike Reynolds 2019

“This band should be massive, buy this album (‘Eclipse’) and make it so.
Derrick Moore (Eaten Alive Zine Editor) 2020

Derrick Moore 2020

“Sun-Pinned Leaves are an extraordinary duo producing unique and memorable tunes in a wide variety of styles. Simply put, they are refreshingly eclectic.”
(Pete Saxer Unknown Sounds / Revenge FM) 2020.

Pete Saxer 2020

“When we receive a gem like 'No More Tomorrows' well, that makes our day” 
(Michael Charles Dirksen - Big Giant Indie Radio S.A) 2020.

Michael Dirkson 2020

“So much great beauty in this song! It's a must to listen and sit back and let the lyrics take you to Monterey Bay" Craig Eagle (Eagles Nest Radio) 2020

Eagles Nest Radio 2020

“Sun Pinned Leaves - Already 3 albums in (and counting no doubt) Christopher Brown and Neil Faulkner are veterans of an always healthy Kent and Sussex music scene, which is probably how they manage to hone such musically sophisticated material imbued with a beach bum's sense of relaxed adventure. They also pull off the very clever trick of being incredibly eclectic (a drum and bass rhythm here, an Ian Dury like refrain there, a Britpop motif hither, a heart wrenching ballad thither) whilst not really sounding like anyone else. Brilliant pop music basically, belying their other (also ace) punk rock activities (Nuffin to see here).”  Bug Bear (Concert Promotions) 2021

Bug Bear Promotions. 2021

“Sun-Pinned Leaves is a British band which has been gaining notoriety since the release of their debut album. Formed by Christopher Brown as vocalist and Neil Faulkner as multi-instrumentalist. With musical talent the duo have been in business since 2019.
Sweet Sedona features an animated instrumentality of rhythmic beats and guitar together thus creating the perfect soundscape to address happiness and summer. ”

Brazilian Blogger. 2021

Next up new to the shop, a bit of change of pace, just had a listen to this, and is very enjoyable, Americana/country rock n roll from

Sun-Pinned Leaves

Rock n road is a fine album, nice one Christopher Brown and Neil Faulkner.

Tony Smith. Sounds of the Suburbs. 2021

Set my CD player up today and thought I’d give this little gem a listen if you like something a bit more laid back this is perfect on a hot sunny day or just cruising in your car I really enjoyed it particularly track 5 a thing called love followed by another one promises (nothing changes) and also tracks 9 and 10 savanna mama followed by as the sun sets in the west well done Chris  so different from what you have been doing and look forward to your progression. Xtraverts

Nigel Martin. 2021  - Xtraverts

Sun-Pinned Leaves — Rock — (Four spins on 2021’s single, “Monterey Bay.”) Christopher Brown and Neil Faulkner first began writing songs together in 1975. As stated on their website, the two have a long history and even performed together and separately throughout the 1970’s and 80’s before eventually reuniting to release their debut album, “Theories of Destiny,” in 2019. They describe themselves as a band that makes “trans-genre music for the cultured ear.”

Colorado University’s Radio Station 905.5 FM KCSU.

This is the prolific band's fourth album in three years and once again sees them stretching their wings further into the Americana sound touched on in

their previous album "Eclipse". Indeed from the album art throughout, the band appear to have decamped across the pond whilst leaving everyone here on a covid trip! But I have to say it's again worth it, as the band seem to have honed that rich stream and that great wide open of the new continent, as U2 did with "The Joshua Tree", although Bono and company preferred a rockier vein.

This album by comparison sees the band tripping merrily on the juxtaposition of an amalgamate of Alt-Country styles, sounds and scenes that make it hard to pin them down to just one aspect of the genre, with the thread connecting the songs being one of travel. Be it a journey to a new life, a journey to find one's-self or a journey of escape.

This is another great and wildly different album from the duo, where it's great to hear vocalist Chris Brown singing in his normal English accent rather than trying to be clever and attempting a mid-Atlantic drawl which would have pushed the album into the realms of whimsey. Multi-instrumentalist Neil Faulkner also deserves a mention not only for his playing but for his arrangements that have kept the album on the right side of country rock.

I have to conclude that on the basis of this release, roots labels such as Cooking Vinyl should be seriously looking into signing these guys.

Another album that's gonna be up there in the albums of the year come December! 

Eaten Alive Punk Zine September 2021

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