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Atlanta, Georgia calls!
Sun-Pinned Leaves attending the 2023
International Singer Songwriter
s Association Awards as Finalists

Chris and Neil of Sun-Pinned Leaves are looking forward to the show this summer and saying hi to Tamanie and all the wonderful people in Atlanta.


Should be a great event.

Top Music reviews the new Sun-Pinned Leaves album 
24 July 2023 

SUN-PINNED LEAVES, a captivating independent artist hailing from the United Kingdom, Deal has just released their latest album, Tales From The Great Lakes. Their music transcends genres, blending elements of Americana, country, and folk to create a captivating sound that is uniquely their own. With mesmerizing storytelling and heartfelt lyrics, SUN-PINNED LEAVES captures the essence of the singer-songwriter tradition, while incorporating influences from classic rock.

From the moment you press play on Tales From The Great Lakes, you’ll be transported to a world of rich melodies and evocative storytelling. Each track is a masterclass in songwriting, showcasing the undeniable talent of SUN-PINNED LEAVES. As one listener noted, “Their music is a breath of fresh air, perfectly blending raw emotion and poetic lyrics. This album is a testament to their incredible talent and creativity.”

SUN-PINNED LEAVES has drawn inspiration from some of the greats in the music industry. Fans of artists like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell will find familiarity in the introspective nature of their lyrics and the beautifully crafted melodies. It’s clear that SUN-PINNED LEAVES has studied and honed its craft, resulting in a sound that is both authentic and captivating.

Check out SUN-PINNED LEAVES and their album, Tales From The Great Lakes. Be sure to visit their website, follow them on Spotify, and listen to their music on our playlist. You won’t be disappointed by this talented singer-songwriter band whose music seamlessly weaves together elements of Americana, country, and folk, with a touch of classic rock.

Festival season is here and SPL rock the Main Stage at Sandwich Folk and Ale

A big thank you to the organisers of this wonderful event and to everyone who turned out early on July 1 to see Sun-Pinned Leaves. What a superb event this festival is with so much diverse music and art. Hope to see you all there again some day.

Sandwich Festival 2023 5.jpg

Sun-Pinned Leaves return to Dublin Castle 31/3/2023

Sun-Pinned Leaves have been a staple on Unknown Sounds since the beginning so when they announced their first gig in over a year, I knew where I would be on 31 March. I could not wait to hear them perform their original songs in their unique style covering various genres including Americana, alt-folk, country, blues, pop with a fabulous crooner touch.

The Dublin Castle, not only is it the birthplace of Madness, it has hosted bands such as Blur, Coldplay, Supergrass, The Killers, The Arctic Monkeys and Billy Bragg.

With five Sun-Pinned Leaves albums under their belts in just three years, they had plenty of material to choose from, I was hoping for a few of my favourites and they certainly did not let me down. The first song, “Pensacola’s Calling” from their Rock ‘N’ Road album, is an upbeat tale of sun and fun, complete with American slang and a beat & guitar solo that gets you up dancing.

“Bodie” is up next, from their latest album “Altered States”, a collection of tunes celebrating landmarks of American history from the Pilgrim Fathers to 20th century events that still resonate today - including their next tune “After the Big One” about a survivor of the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco- a personal favourite of mine.

Then they declare their love for Arizona’s beautiful town with “Sweet Sedona” from Rock ‘N’ Road. A simple, beautiful song about wanting to return home, in this case to the most beautiful Sedona.

 Next, they played their tune in honour of John Denver, “Monterey Bay” from their album Eclipse. When I was in Monterey, I remember looking out on the bay listening to this song… it transported me to a place I’d never been but one I will never forget.

Next was “Summer of Love” from Altered States. A beautiful song about that famous summer, peppered with allusions to historical events that changed the world, but also a plea to get back to those values of peace and love.

They finished their set with “Nothing Better Than Rain” from the excellent Altered States. It’s a song about the warm winds of El Niño, expanded to include climate change. Yes, it makes you think, but it also makes you dance and sing. The beat and rhythm are good old rock and roll, fantastic!

I love Sun-Pinned Leaves and I loved their performance. Their musical talents and love of music were on full display. With knowing glances and smiles, Chris and Neil’s on-stage presence spotlighted their long, creative relationship. They were a pleasure to watch and listen to.

Pete Saxer - Unknown Sounds 1 April 2023 

Edited by Jopov Management


Sun-Pinned Leaves made the Finals of Blues and Roots Radio International Song Contest 2022 with ‘Monterey Bay’. Blues & Roots Radio is ISSA International Radio Station of the Year 2021 broadcasting shows from Canada, US, UK, Australia, Ireland and beyond. We are over the moon!


It's always an honour to appear in awards and chart-listings with legends such as The Damned, Ruts DC, Anthrax, The Godfathers, UK Subs, Hugh Cornwell, Cockney Rejects, Buzzcocks and Spear of Destiny. To appear at number two in a top fifty with these guys is truly head-spinning.

Thank You Eaten Alive!


Brilliant Jewel at 56 in the
Official World Indie Music Charts

Brilliant Jewel - the second single from the band's fifth album - Altered States has climbed to 56 in the Official World Indie Music Charts in December 2022.

This chart is powered by Digital Radio Tracker and is comprised of hundreds of radio stations around the world, from Melbourne to Madrid, from Moscow to Maine and from Toronto to Toledo. Each week all artist spins are collected and tabulated to compile the Top 100 World Indie Music Charts showcasing some of the world's best indie artists.

A big "thank you" to the stations and listeners all around our Brilliant Jewel in the black velvet sky.

UK Country Radio
Album of the Week (16 08 2022)

UK has selected Sun-Pinned Leaves' 5th album "Altered States" as its album of the week so listeners can experience tracks all week starting with Allan Watkiss on air from 10am.



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